The Weird Display

I've taken a few pictures of some multi-meters with my Panasonic FZ1000 camera.  The meters' LCD screens in all these photos appear weird although the displays were totally normal to the naked eyes.  I have another small camera, Sony's TX7, which doesn't have this issue and is capable of showing the meters' screens as they are seen in my eyes.(the second downmost picture)  The biggest headache is that I don't even know what this phenomenon is called. (>﹏<)


(Actually, the puzzle has been solved!  Please view the bottom part of this page.)

Well, shutter speed doesn't seem to be the cause of the weird display.


The images shown in the above table come from the following pictures:

① 3.2 sec f/8 ISO125 Daylight only

② 1 sec. f/4 ISO125 Daylight only

③ 1/4 sec. f/4 ISO400 Daylight only

④ 1/15 sec. f/4 ISO2000 Daylight only

⑤ 1/60 sec. f/4 ISO3200 Daylight only

⑥ 1/60 sec. f/3.9 ISO125 Flash + Daylight

1/8 sec. f/4 ISO400 Shot with Sony's TX7

【Puzzle Solved】 The PL filter is the one to blame!


Before the polarizer thing came into my head, I had spent some time trying different settings of the camera, such as Shutter Type (Mechanical / Electronic), Color Space (sRGB / Adobe RGB),......  However, they're all irrelevant.  Then, an idea came across my mind: Why don't I remove the PL filter in front of the lens?  There's been a polarizing filter attached to the lens as a protection ever since the very first day when I got this camera (FZ1000).  And I almost forgot its existence.  Bingo!  Puzzle Solved!  It's the polarized light that causes this phenomenon.  So, once the PL filter is removed, the camera can reproduce the images of those LCD screens normally, without any distortion.

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